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What is Changing Cycles…

Our Mission at Changing Cycles is:


The delivery of a variety of programs for all ages, abilities, genders and cultural backgrounds to educate and empower people by giving them a deeper understanding of the rhythms and cycles within their own bodies and the world around them.



To educate, empower & support women of all ages to understand the physical emotional and energetic aspects of their Menstrual Cycle & to share this wisdom with men.




To support a Holistic approach to health and well-being in our community with a particular focus on mind, body nutrition and the impact of diet culture, obesity bias and weight stigma on an individual & societal basis.




Through our sister company Moon Times we produce & supply menstrual & personal hygiene products that are better for humans and better for the environment.



We are excited to share this journey with you…

Upcoming Events

  • Living In Flow Program - 4 Week Program
    Thu, Jun 08
    Benburb Priory
    In this first of it’s kind wellbeing program to be held in the Benburb area, we will explore how to come to a deeper understanding of your cyclical nature and give you information that will support you in key areas of female physical, emotional, mental and energetic wellbeing.
  • Mother Daughter Retreat Day - 9-12 Year Olds
    Sun, Jul 02
    Bluebell Lane Glamping
    In ancient civilisations young women would have learnt about their changing bodies from other women in their communities who would have gathered in a “Red Tent” during Menstruation. We hope to recreate this empowering environment whilst enjoying movement, games, music, crafts and time in nature.