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Our Vision 


A world where the cyclical nature of women is understood,
respected and integrated into every day life.

Our Mission 


The delivery of a variety of programs for all ages, abilities, genders and cultural backgrounds to educate and empower people by giving them a deeper understanding of the rhythms and cycles within their own bodies and the world around them.



To educate, empower & support women of all ages to understand the physical emotional and energetic aspects of their Menstrual Cycle & to share this wisdom with men.




To support a Holistic approach to health and well-being in our community with a particular focus on mind, body nutrition and the impact of diet culture, obesity bias and weight stigma on an individual & societal basis.




Through our sister company Moon Times we produce & supply menstrual & personal hygiene products that are better for humans and better for the environment.



We are excited to share this journey with you…

Upcoming Events

  • Take A Moment For Peace - Online Gathering.
    Take A Moment For Peace - Online Gathering.
    Tue, Dec 12
    Online Gathering
    Dec 12, 2023, 11:11 AM – 1:30 PM
    Online Gathering
    We Invite you to join us on Zoom at either 11.11am, 12.12pm or 13.13pm please light a candle or place your hands on the earth to share and receive the energy of peace. Together we will hold space for 12mins at each of the times.
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