What is Changing Cycles…

Our Mission at Changing Cycles is:


The delivery of a variety of programs for all ages, abilities, genders and cultural backgrounds to educate and empower people by giving them a deeper understanding of the rhythms and cycles within their own bodies and the world around them.



To educate, empower & support women of all ages to understand the physical emotional and energetic aspects of their Menstrual Cycle & to share this wisdom with men.




To support a Holistic approach to health and well-being in our community with a particular focus on mind, body nutrition and the impact of diet culture, obesity bias and weight stigma on an individual & societal basis.




Through our sister company Moon Times we produce & supply menstrual & personal hygiene products that are better for humans and better for the environment.



We are excited to share this journey with you…

Upcoming Events

  • Living In Flow Circle Gathering
    Sun, 25 Sept
    Hill of Tara
    Anyone local to me we can car pool from my house leaving at 5.30pm.
  • An Cregan - Mother Daughter Retreat Day - 9-12 Year Olds
    Sun, 02 Oct
    An Cregan - Omagh
    In ancient civilisations young women would have learnt about their changing bodies from other women in their communities who would have gathered in a “Red Tent” during Menstruation. We hope to recreate this empowering environment whilst enjoying movement, games, music, crafts and time in nature.
  • Nurturing Our Vision Retreat Day
    Sun, 09 Oct
    BT35 8SJ
    A gathering of all those who have an interest in the vision of Changing Cycles and would like to help me nurture our vision.
  • Coaches Retreat Ireland Jan 2023
    Sat, 21 Jan
    I am excited to be organising our first meet up of 2023 Venue will depend on numbers so please book ASAP so I can get the venue secured. We will also finalise the details of the day closer to the time. With such amazing Coaches it is guaranteed to be a special day.