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Cornflakes & Milk - Intuitive Eating & Sustainability

🥛 Is there anything nicer than a Freshly Opened Box of Cornflakes and Fresh Ice Cold Milk?

🐄 Back in early February a friend mentioned she was going to pick up some milk from Weirs Organic Farm and asked would I like some.

🐄I knew of Weirs and although I’m not a huge milk drinker I had tasted and enjoyed their milk before.

🥛The little milk I have drank over the past 10 years was supermarket bought and almost always organic though a lot got wasted.

😊I said yes please do, as she was going anyway and this time I was hooked.

🌞A few Conversations later we had arranged Curves as our drop off point and Dean was doing a weekly delivery to the area. I was drinking 3-4ltrs per week when previously even as a child I would rarely have drink or used more than a pint in a week.

⛔️Then COVID hit and we had to change plans Dean started to deliver to my house and others collected from there.

💓What interests me most about this is the link between what my body needed and what it wanted. I would go far as to say I was “craving” milk.

🦠I also know Raw Organic Milk was exactly what my body needed to support my immune system.

🦠Packed full of healthy gut bacteria and a Rich Source of Vitamin D.

🐄🥛Direct from farm to table where Dean gets a fair price for the product he helps produce. Weekly almost 50 Ltrs of Milk are delivered. This needs to be the future of our food supply chain.

Remember we are we eat. Listen to the wisdom of your body. I’m glad I did.

Contact Dean here:

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