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Finding Home and A Table For One.

15 years ago for almost 2.5 years I lived in hotels.

It was an interesting experience whilst challenging at times, it also provided the perfect opportunity to get to know me .

I was somewhere different every week and on one occasion checked in and out of the same hotel 3 times.

It was a time when I did a lot of reading and personal development work that laid the foundations for what I do now and also how I navigated a really challenging emotional time over 10 years ago.

It was a place for me to realise that the most important “home” was the one within ourselves the one we carry with us wherever we go.

Overtime I developed simple and yet very important rituals that allowed the unfamiliar to become familiar.

This weekend I was in a hotel on my own for the first time in over 2.5years.

Something I truly never thought I would miss and certainly didn’t realise until I was there that I did miss.

It’s difficult to say what I miss because my relationship with hotels is so different to most peoples. I don’t associate them with holidays or social occasion.

So what do I miss? Is it Change?

Wherever I was I had a few simple checks that became automatic.

Is the bed comfortable? how are the pillows? is there a good shower? and perhaps most importantly is it quiet enough to leave my window open? (Yes sleeping with the window open is something I do) Another blog for another time.

What does home mean to you?

Joanne Callan

Founder Of Changing Cycles Community Interest Company

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