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What is a healing crisis?

🙈🥰 You are releasing the old low energy and replacing it with new high energy. Your physical, emotional and energetic aspects have to adjust because you’ve changed the stasis point. While each of your three aspects searches for new balance, you’re likely to experience uncomfortable symptoms.

For me when I am experiencing a Healing Crisis there is a deep inner knowing “that this too shall pass” Although it may look and be experienced in the same way it feels very different to being in the midst of a difficult emotional time. There is deep beneath what’s going on a sense of hope. 🌟 An awareness of out with the old, in with the new. An awareness of things that I need to change or release that are no longer serving me. 👣 When I was doing my Reflexology training it was explained to as the process of clearing out a pond, because the dirt is settled at the bottom and the water at the top looks clear we can forget it is there. When we start to clear the bottom of the pond it all gets very murky and dirty until eventually we get rid of what is no longer needed and the pond is crystal clear. 💎

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