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Your body is talking - are you listening?

Or as a friend once said to me I am listening but I need an Interpreter.

As a society, we are conditioned to see illness as a bad thing, as a sign that something is wrong.

Of course, there is truth in that.

I also like to consider the fact that illness or dis-ease might be a way of communicating. I see it as a way of drawing my attention to something that my body needs or some emotions that I need to explore

Perhaps the question we should be asking isn’t “where is the pain in your back? Maybe it should be “who or what is the pain in your back?”

As a Holistic Therapist, I believe that unexpressed emotions can manifest physically in the body. My role is to help my clients understand what is at the core of their symptoms and what their body is expressing.

Different emotions can get held in different parts of the body.

We are all familiar with the saying “you need to get that off your chest” or “the thought of them makes me feel sick”

This approach has been life-changing for me and on a daily basis I see the positive impact it has on clients. When we listen to our body it can truly lead the way.

A great place a start to understand the language of the body is You Can Heal Your Body by Louise Hay. A simple but profound A-Z of many common physical symptoms and the possible emotional cause.


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