Inserts (small liner) go inside the pocket of the pad (or a few if you have a heavy flow) choose cotton, hemp or bamboo towelling inserts. The whole pad (including inserts) gets changed when you need a fresh one.

For added absorbency the inserts can be mixed and matched- the hemp and bamboo create a super absorbent inner core! Moon Times pads include 2 x 100% organic fairtrade cotton inserts which are suitable for light/medium flow, for heavier flow days add a hemp or bamboo insert for an efficient absorbent super pad!

Extra Pad Inserts

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  • Set of 6 Mixed Inserts: 2 cotton, 2 hemp, 2 bamboo towelling

  • Set of 6 ‘Heavy Flow’ Mixed Inserts:  2 hemp, 2 bamboo towelling, 2 thick towelling inserts with waterproof backing (2 layers of bamboo towelling sandwiched between 100% organic undyed fairtrade cotton on one side and a dark coloured wool backing for a waterproof underside.)

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