Moon Times Project with LOVE ZIMBABWE


Like all of our products our Love Zimbabwe Pads are made with Natural Materials they are perfectly imperfect with some basic flaws (just like us). 


Women in Zimbabwe have certain taboo’s around their menstruation and due to the poverty women cannot afford to buy menstrual products.


Over 90 per cent of Zimbabweans are unemployed and 80 per cent of the population live below the poverty line. Women bear an unequal burden of the crisis with a HIV/AIDS prevalence rate of 21 per cent and a life expectancy of just 43 years.


The economic situation in Zimbabwe means menstrual products are expensive and many women use alternatives such as newspapers, rags, leaves and bark as a substitute to pads. Many women cannot go to work and girls cannot go to school when they have their periods.


Our project is providing menstrual pads for women and girls, and is also a tool for education and opening up the dialogue for women and improve their health and their self esteem!


The women who make these pads are paid a fair trade rate of pay, and profits will be put back into the project for the women to buy more fabric and machines.


Feedback from Samara who travelled from Wales to set up the pad making project in Jan 2015. "The women really like the pads, and are interested in trying to set up a local market here with them. Some women presently get up at 3am and buy vegetables at the dawn farmers market, then get a bus to Harare to sell them for a few pence more at the big market there, returning home at 9pm, just to make a few dollars. So they are delighted that they may be able to make a small income from the pads so they might not have to go to market everyday in the city. So that’s the kind of impact it’s making! It took us three hours to set up the new sewing machines and get them working smoothly! The women were upbeat and positive and we all sang and danced together to celebrate the working machines and the first sewn pads!"



To donate direct to Love Zimbabwe by going here



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