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About Moon Times 

Moon Times is part of Changing Cycles Community Social Enterprise.

At Moon Time we produce and sell reusable menstrual products, a range of books, gifts and resources that help women of all ages to connect with their Menstrual Cycle and their bodies.  We aim to educate, empower and support women to understand the natural cycles and rhythms in their body and in the world around. 


Our Reusable Menstrual Pads and Pants are handmade in Ireland from natural and sustainable fabrics.  


All of our Menstrual Products are a more reliable, comfortable, healthier and environmentally friendly alternative to main stream brand disposables.  


Moon Sponges & Menstrual Cups are also becoming more popular and can be the preferred option for many women.


Our products are suitable for every woman. Whether you play sport, want to take a more Eco- friendly option, work long shifts, or want more comfortable and reliable protection, then we have a solution for you.


We are passionate about helping young women to have a different Menstrual Journey than many previous generations of women have had.  We have a fantastic selection of books that can help with that journey. 

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