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2 x Disposable Menstrual Pads (10 per Box)

2 x Panty Liners 

1 x Regular Tampon (16 Per Box)

1 x Super Tampon (16 Per Box)

1 x Display Poster

1 x Display Basket


Supplying Menstrual Products for your staff, customers, clients and vistors to your premises creates an enviroment where the needs of over 1/2 our population are recognised. This is one of the ways that we can create an culture that normalises menstruation and helps to break down stigma and taboo.


When you choose to purchase Hey Girl Products from Changing Cycles Community Interest Company you are supporting Social Enterprise and providing products that are free from Plastic and harmful chemicals and are better for environment and for our bodies.


At Changing Cycles we purchase from Hey Girl on a Buy One Give One basis which means that a greater Social Impact is made from your purchase and a person who is unable to afford Menstrual Products will receive a donated product.

Give It A Try: School/Business Menstrual Pack


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