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This book is a guide to remembering that you are female – that you were created to dance with the Goddess in a close embrace and to create your dreams with her help. It is a guide to remembering that you embody the Divine Feminine and that your path is to heal and nurture both yourself and the World. Reading the messages in this book throughout the month will awaken a living, intimate and beautiful relationship with the Divine Feminine. It will create a life of beauty, purpose, inspiration and creativity.


Ordinary relationships flow and change with time, and those that last do so because lying at the core is love and acceptance. To experience a lasting relationship with the Divine Feminine we need to accept that she not only designed us to change but also designed our relationship with her to change. We simply need to learn, welcome and love these changes in order to bring her into our everyday lives.


The messages in the following pages will help you to love yourself, to accept your changing nature and to learn to partner the Divine Feminine in an exciting dance that changes tempo and direction as you follow the labyrinth path. When you feel disconnected from your divine dance partner the messages are there to help you to reconnect and let go to allow her to support and lead you. Then you can explore and dazzle the world in many beautiful ways as you express the Divine Feminine and your relationship with her in your life and in the world around you.

Spiritual Messages for Women by Miranda Gray


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