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Brigid's Healing Blanket - A fertility journey.

Guest Blog - Thank you for sharing your story.

During a challenging and long fertility journey, hampered by cancelled appointments due to the COVID pandemic and failed treatments, I reached out to Joanne. 

I knew I needed support to help relax as the journey was overwhelming, and at times, very overpowering. 

If anyone has ever been on an IVF journey then they will know how emotions are really heightened and just how difficult it can be to control them, add to the emotions you also have the rollercoaster of hormones due to injections and medication.  Previously, I always found reflexology with Joanne the ‘perfect tonic’ so once again, I reached out to her. After my very first session with Joanne I can honestly say I felt relaxed and at ease. Her holistic approach was exactly what I needed, she did not treat my ‘infertility,’ rather she treated me, she supported me and my body.


During one session Joanne (unbeknownst to me) covered me with St Brigid's blanket.  As soon as she placed it one me, I immediately felt a surge of comfort and tranquillity sweep through me.

I am known to be quite cynical regarding certain things and would have even been known to roll my eyes if people spoke about ‘good energy’ etc - to me it conjures up images of old fashioned hippies talking about ‘good vibes!’  However, during that session, I discovered the power of energy! Even now I find it difficult to articulate exactly how I felt. A feeling of stillness?  Calmness?  A sense of hope? Warmth?  I think it was a mixture of all of these but more also.  After the session, I must have expressed these sentiments to Joanne and I recall her giving me a knowing, no surprised look, and telling me what blanket she had wrapped me in.


I experienced similar feelings during a womb blessing with Joanne.  Again, anyone who has ever been on a fertility will know that you will try anything! So, when Joanne suggested it, I was willing to try! I had two womb blessings with Joanne – one prior to starting IVF and one after my embryo transfer.  By this time, I was definitely converted to the idea of positive energy and healing and once again I cannot fully, or justly, articulate how powerful and soothing the experience was.  It calmed me, it provided me a sense of hope, it helped erase so many of my fears and the panic that had set in.

As cliché as it sounds, during the blessing I felt the heaviness melt away and a wave of peace blanket me. I remember it was the first time in almost two weeks that I felt like I was able to catch my breath and I was even able to sleep!


Thankfully our IVF was successful and we were blessed with a beautiful baby.  So many people played a role in our journey and I firmly believe that the mixture of medicine, faith, a holistic approach and the support of the doctors, nurses and Joanne all worked in tandem for us. Even now, when I think back to the womb blessing I feel so much happiness. It was a truly beautiful experience and one that helped me so much, in so many ways. 

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If you would like to join a 9th Month Journey with Brigid with Joanne Founder of Changing Cycles Community Interest Company we have a couple of remaining spaces on Changing Cycles - Turas Le Brid which begins on 5th Feb 2024.

Contact Joanne if you would like more information.

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