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Energy Flow Where Attention Goes

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes - A Fresh Approach to reducing bullying in schools.

In my Relax Kids - Chill Skills Classes, I introduce Children & Young People to positive thinking and the use of positive words, I also talk to them about the importance of focusing on what they WANT to feel, rather than what they DON'T WANT to feel. I say to them rather than saying " I don't want to feel nervous" I encourage them to say "I want to feel relaxed, calm, confident".

The Hawaiian Proverb "Energy flows where attention goes" explains why this is so important, what we focus on we get. We know that the brain thinks in pictures and images. By focusing on what we want rather than what we don't want we we will be much more likely to achieve our dream and hopes for ourselves and the world.

Try this out "Don't think about oranges, don't think about oranges, whatever you do don't see oranges, don't think about oranges." I am pretty sure by now you have seen at least a few oranges.

I often get asked to facilitate Anti- Bullying Sessions in schools and I always ask the Teacher or the Principal "what would you like instead of bullying in your school" the answer is usually something along the lines of a "culture of kindness, tolerance, respect, acceptance, self love, etc and so that is the type of session we do instead.

Rather than focusing on what we don't want in the school we focus on what we do want. We get much better results. Imagine going to a shop knowing what you want and instead of just asking for it you begin to list all the things you don't want, using this process it would take along time to get what you want.

I believe when it comes to any awareness campaign we need to make it simple and easy and focus on what we want, that way we get a much more efficient and effective outcome. Rather than use the words anti-bullying, lets use the words kindness.

Joanne Callan Relax Kids Coach and Trainer Ireland

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