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Exam Results

⚡️💚Over the next few days my newsfeed will be filled with lots of positive messages reminding young people that exam results aren't everything and that if they haven't got what they need or what they had hoped for that it really doesn't matter(or words to that affect).

⚡️💚On one hand I totally agree, there are so so many ways to fulfil your hopes and dreams, and exam results are no reflection on the person you are.

⚡️💚However; I believe there is another important element to this conversation.

💚⚡️We need to acknowledge what they are feeling.

💚⚡️The realty is that the results did matter to them, and so what they are feeling is very real. It will be very difficult for them to see it any other way. Being told that they aren't everything, perhaps even deep down knowing it yourself, and believing that to be true and feeling it are two very different things.

💚⚡️Lets also remind young people that it is ok to feel upset or disappointed if the results they get aren't what they had hoped for.

💚⚡️Gently when the time is right, encouraging them to look at things a different way, supporting them to be able to see things differently to be open to different paths and to trust that it will work out for them in the best possible way.

💚⚡️Too often we dismiss feelings or bury them, brushing them under the carpet. Help them to express what they are feeling and support them to deal with those feelings. If they are staying stuck in the same feeling encourage and support them to seek professional help if need be.

💚⚡️Above all be there, just to listen, to hold space and to remind them how loved they are.

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