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From Small Acorns Grow Large Oak Trees.

The last two weeks have for me been the most difficult since March.

I have also been speaking to many others who have been feeling the same.

I have been so grateful for my self awareness and all the tools and techniques that I have cultivated over the years.

I am blessed that I was able to remind myself that it would pass. Full Moon/Pre Menstrual/Menstruation)

I also found myself wondering if I was crazy to set up Changing Cycles was I doing too much (you know all the questions that come in when you are feeling stressed)

Then on Thursday morning I went for a walk stumbled on an Acorn, watched and listened to a flowing River.

I was reminded that from small Acorn’s grow large Oak Trees and of the importance of growing/going with the flow.

Acorns are always symbolic for me I grew up in an estate called Acorn Hill and played in Derramore Woods as a child.

I love when nature gives us the guidance and messages we need when we open up to see/hear them.

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