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Global Wellness Day

💕Today is #GlobalWellnessDay and this evening I went for a swim in the lake and then a walk up Camlough Mountain. Something I have been doing more frequently over the past few years and more often over the past few months.

💕The weather was beautiful, the scenery spectacular, the water was amazing and the company was fab. I was in awe of just how beautiful and perfect everything was.

💕One of the things we often say when it is a sunny day is sure how could anyone be in “bad form” that day.

💕My own experience has taught me that it is very possible to be in “bad form” on days like today in fact for me they were often the most difficult.

💕As I was walking along for a few moments by myself I was reflecting wellness and on the place I was in emotionally 10/11 years ago.

💕Whilst I accept that external factors absolutely contribute to our emotional

well being it’s not just as simple as weather, nature etc

💕The mountains, lake and countryside where there 10 years ago. There were beautiful sunny days then as well. The difference was I wasn’t always in the place internally to enjoy, appreciate or experience them.

💕Happiness and emotional well being truly is an inside job and it is a journey rather than a destination. I believe we are all work in progress and I also believe that with the right action and support things can and do get better.

💕Thank you to all who share life’s journey with me, who where there in the most challenging times and who love me and accept me and in doing so continue to support me to heal, grow and develop.

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