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More than Calories

Both food and exercise are about much more calories. 🤸🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🥗🍫

There is a commonly held belief that if we exercise and eat a nutritionally poor diet we are wasting our time and vice versa. You know the feeling or the thought when you have exercised and then stop off at the shop on the way home and eat a huge bar of chocolate or order takeaway. 🙄 🙈

Focusing on just calories would mean that we only eat for the energy in the form of calories that food provides and we only exercise to burn calories. That’s simply not true.

Yesterday I started my day with some walking, jogging and stretching in one of my favourite places in nature. I then enjoyed one of my favourite fresh cream buns. 😊 Yes the calories might not have matched up, but both were about so much more than calories. I really enjoyed the bun, I also really enjoyed the exercise, the fresh air, moving my body, stretching my body, admiring the beautiful scenery and all else that went with the experience.

Both food and exercise are about much more than calories.

Food provides the nutrients our body needs to be the healthiest it can be. Regularly exercise helps balance the hormones we need to be physically and emotional healthy. It helps with flexibility, strength and balance.

For me the key is to focus on both being much more than just calories. This approach really helps move away from “I was good today / I was bad today “ type thinking and helps you to be more loving and accepting of yourself 💕

Our health is about more than how much we weigh or how we look. It’s more about how we feel in and about ourselves. 💕

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