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Mother Daughter Retreat Day

In ancient civilisations young women would have learnt about their changing bodies from other women in their communities who would have gathered in a “Red Tent” during Menstruation. We hope to recreate this empowering environment whilst enjoying movement, games, music, crafts and time in nature.

The would have received an initiation into puberty and celebrated for just how amazing they were.

The aim of our Retreat days is to create a beautiful relaxed day with lasting memories and in turn help break stigma, taboo & shame around menstruation.

Together as a community we will support the girls to nurture a healthy relationship with their body and support bonding and connection between mother (or the person who has that roll in a girls life) and daughter in the years ahead.

By the very nature of these retreats and simply by being there, we will all heal generations of ancestral pain.

"Any woman who heals, heals for herself, her ancestors, her children and her grand children." Joanne Callan ( adapted from a Native American Indian Teaching)

We host regular Mother Daughter Retreat Days keep an eye on our Social Media for updates.

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