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Peri Menopause - Menopause Empowerment

When we enter any period of change in our lives being educated, empowered and supported is key to helping us to navigate these times with ease.

In this Blog we are highlighting the products we have available that can support women at this age and life stage so that can optimise their wellness and experience health and joy as they embrace their crone years.

Worth having for the packaging alone reminding you of your unique feminine superpowers.

A gorgeous herbal tea designed to be enjoyed in a ritualistic way supporting uterine and hormonal health.

You may wish to enjoy your Tea by listening to this Meditation.

I invite you to lovingly and mindfully prepare yourself a cup of your preferred herbal tea in your favourite mug, then to sit back relax and join me as I guide you through this mindful moment as you fill your cup physically and metaphorically.

For women who no longer have a regular physical bleed of a Menstrual Cycle it can be even more important to chart their cycle and to embrace cyclical living as a way of enhancing health and well being. Full Circle is a book designed exactly for that purpose.

The Optimized Woman offers wonderful insight into the concept of Cyclical Living

Supporting our nutritional needs is important at all stages of life and becomes essential during our Peri- Menopause/Menopause years, this book is full of information and simple recipes that will guide you through supporting your body at this time of life.

Thank you for reading and remember when you purchase from us you are supporting our profit for purpose Social Enterprise.

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