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Swimming When You Have Your Period

It is a reality that many young girls will stop swimming regularly when they reach Puberty there are a few reasons for this one is lack of knowledge about their Period, when it is due, how their body operates during menstruation in water and the products options available to them. Of course the other reason is related to Body Image and Body Confidence.

If you want to help educate and empower your daughter, this info may be helpful which may help her continue enjoying her love for being in water this info may be helpful.

Water pressure can stop the flow of blood while you are in the water, though if you cough, sneeze, laugh etc a small amount may be released. Because of the type of material that swimwear is made from and because there is often extra lining in the gusset part this can often be sufficient especially for a light flow and if wearing dark swimwear and changing as soon as you get out of the water. If they are going to be around the pool, beach, lake etc then it could be worth considering Period Swimwear, they are expensive but can give piece of mind if doing more than just swimming. I would consider them excessive for most of us if most of the time is in the water. We tend to have cultural age related concerns around Tampon's whilst I am not an advocate for them at any age for regular all day use, I can see the benefits in situations like this and would recommend if using to use Organic, Chemical & Plastic Free Products such as Hey Girls that we stock. It is worth exploring what our concerns/reasons are and is it worth changing them and if using Tampons to ensure they know not to flush down the toilet but to dispose of it in the bin.

For more info on all things Menstruation and Puberty related check out the books available on our Website and look out for our Autumn Parent Programs on Preparing For Puberty. Happy Swimming Joanne

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