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The long and the short of it.

⭐️I shared a post a while back about School Uniforms in particular the length of a skirt.

⭐️I have been thinking about it for a while myself and reading that article brought it to the forefront of my mind.

⭐️I know the arguments “For” the enforcement of regulations of the length of a girls school skirt and in some schools the compulsory wearing of tights.

⭐️I can totally understand why school authorities make these rules. Understanding doesn’t always mean we agree.

⭐️I have also had the same patriarchal, misogynistic society conditioning that most of us have had.

⭐️One of the things that I try to do is to examine my reactions, beliefs, reasons and my why’s.

⭐️When we are committed to questioning and understanding all of the above we just might do things differently.

⭐️If we want to do it better we need to do it differently.

⭐️We are all work in progress.

⭐️I wear dresses and skirts quiet a bit, I have many different lengths. The one I choose to wear doesn’t make me any more “respectful or decent” I also know that some dresses and skirts suit better in certain situations than others. This is something most of us figure out when we need to.

⭐️I have been taught by men and women who have worn a variety of different clothes. The clothes they wore didn’t impact their ability to teach or the level of respect that we had for them as educators.

⭐️I know many young women attempt to wear very short skirts to school. I also know they do it outside of school.

⭐️I wonder if instead of making it a rule that they can’t we asked them why they want to? ⭐️The answer might be because they know it is frowned upon; they are doing it to break the rules (in teenage years that can be a reason for many things)

⭐️Another reason might be because they feel they will be more attractive as they too have been conditioned and possibly over-sexualised from a young age