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Them Bone's Them Bone's Need Calcium

Do you remember the advert?

In 1998 I began studying Food Technology in Loughry College, one of the lecturers that had the biggest influence on me was my Dairy Lecturer, who often delivered in his sock covered feet or wellie boots (depending on how muddy his boots where) because when he wasn’t delivering unconventional, incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring lectures he would be found on the grounds and farm of the College.

I can still remember how passionately he spoke about the nutritional value of milk and how Full Fat milk was naturally 96% Fat Free and his frustration at the bad name that Full Fat Dairy products had got in the 80’s/90’s and how we had moved to semi skimmed milk and hydrogenated fats. I often wonder what he would think of the more recent increase in plant based milks. His key message was to read and understand labels and not just go with the marketing messages. I remember him saying if any other product was labelled as 96% Fat Free that we would all be flocking to buy it in fact this very same marketing message had saved Fry’s Turkish Delight from being axed when Cadbury took over Fry’s.

Follow this with my Nutrition Modules where we talked about how Vitamin D was required for the absorption of calcium and also how Vitamin D was a Fat Soluble Vitamin and I remember thinking so whilst we are told the calcium content of skimmed, semi skimmed and Full Fat milk is the same yet we remove the Fat surely we are removing the Fat Soluble Vitamin, and therefore perhaps (depending on our other food choices and nutrient sources) reducing our ability to absorb and use the calcium present.

I know everyone will have their own reason for choosing the milk product that they use. For me I choose Full Fat, Locally Produced, Organic, Raw Milk delivered to my doorstep by a local farmer in glass bottles that he refills. When it comes to choices there is no perfect choice, this however ticks as many of my ethical, health and sustainability boxes as possible and I know my health has benefited.

I believe that the increase in intolerance towards many of our key food products is not so much related to the food product and more to do with how we have produced/farmed those foods and products in the last 30/40 years with an increase in intensive farming and use of pesticides, insecticides, and food preservatives.

I also believe we really need to explore the role of Hydrogenated and other altered fats in our diets.

All of this came to mind today when I read this post on Mad Diet ( I highly recommend following their Social Media) posts and reading Suzanne’s book.

“Sudden heart failure and myocarditis have been all over the news recently - from elite athletes to young men. We also have over 300,000 patients waiting for urgent heart surgery in the UK.

What if 97% of these patients are deficient in vitamin D? 95% are low in selenium and 65% deficient in zinc? And what if the recommended low-fat diet was hindering absorption of vital nutrients?

If you or a loved one is at risk this new study from the University Medical Centre Groningen is essential reading. Researchers suggest supplementing with key micronutrients may be a therapeutic strategy for heart failure patients.

Please take the time to read it to understand what is going on inside your body and discuss these micronutrients with your doctor.

Here is the link to the study.

I would love to hear your thoughts …… Please comment below.

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