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Moon Sponges are completely natural sea sponges containing no synthetic fibres. The environmentally friendly and comfortable alternative to ‘disposables’!
Women have used sponges for thousands of years!
Sustainably harvested and reusable for up to 12 months, sponges are economical, easy to use, and earth friendly. For your health and comfort, for the planet, for a change!


Moon Sponges come in 3 sizes- small for light flow days, young women or pre birth, medium/normal- our usual size sponges and large for women with heavy flow, prolapses and for the months after childbirth.


Moon Sponge Trial Pack - A single sponge in your choice 


Moon Sponge 2 Pack choose from a pack of two, Small, Medium or Large Sponges, bag & Instructions. 


Moon Sponge 3 Pack  (includes Small, Medium & Large  Sponges,   bag and instructions)

3 unbleached sponges; small for lighter days, medium for normal-heavy flow and large for very heavy flow. 


Moon Sponges were chosen as Juno magazines “Best Buy” Sustainable period product! 

“I cannot recommend a Moon Sponge enough. I have been using these for over eight years since I first discovered them researching for JUNO. I find them easy to use and comfortable, and I love that they are a totally natural product that can return to the earth when you have finished using them. If you have a Moon Sponge in your bag, you are never caught out, and I have found that, with care, they last a long time, which makes them extremely cost effective. ” Saffia Jan 2020

Moon Sponges

  • Saffia Farr reviewed Moon Sponges for Juno Magazine (issue 25, autumn 2011), her verdict was: “Moon Sponges are my greatest discovery – much more comfortable than tampons, and easy to use. At first I was put off as they seem hard and large, but once wet they are soft and malleable and therefore, I found, more comfortable to insert than tampons. At no time have I been aware I’m wearing one…Very easy, very effective, and very satisfying.”

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