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“Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking” is a beautiful spiritual cookbook filled with recipes, meditations, acupressure points and love which asks:

  • how you are feeling?
  • what you are craving?
  • offers you a toolkit of possible recipes and actions for change.


Have you ever wanted all the answers… what will stop this headache? Why can’t I fall sleep? Why do I crave chocolate? When will I win the lotto? Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking might not give you the winning numbers but it will help you in answering many of the other questions linked to how we are feeling and the food we eat.

By using the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine we look at complete health so that food can nourish our souls as well as our body.

Find out, what to eat to help you sleep, build healthy bones, maintain good blood pressure, to remain calm in stressful situations and to live a happy life, full of joy.

Shiatsu & The Art of Conscious Cooking by Joanne Faulkner


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