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Just a Delay - Fertility & Weight Stigma.

*** This is an emotive and powerful read it is a difficult read and mentions early pregnancy loss, fertility, mental - ill health, fat phobia, weight stigma and obesity bias and body shaming***

If these topics are difficult for you at this time please be gentle if you choose to read it. If you are able to read this I encourage you to, to hear the lived experience of the women that you may meet. This may help us to support them in a more compassionate way.

It is interesting to me that despite the fact that there is no upper body weight that on its own stops menstruation for a woman and yet menstruation can stop for many women who have a low body weight however when it comes to assisted fertility for women a larger body weight is such a focus point. The below Blog written by one of my clients covers this along with such more more. I want to thank her for her bravery, vulnerability & courage in sharing.

Infertility is one of those things that unless you have experienced it personally can be difficult to relate to or understand the toll it can take on every part of someone’s life.

For the next few minutes imagine your own personal holiday of a lifetime, that trip you have dreamt about since you were little. Finally, after years of fantasising and mentally planning every aspect of this journey, you are finally ready to go.