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First Flow

By Sarah Logan - Changing Cycles Mentor

Sarah Logan, Owner of Inner Happiness, Children's Mindfulness Teacher, Tropic Ambassador, Wife, Mother, Daughter passionate about Changing Cycles Vision and making a difference to the Menstrual experiences of women.

The First Flow 🩸

I wish I had known then what I know now!

That it is a gift and not a curse as society labels it.

I wish I had listened and embraced the flow of blood as the first drop arrived each month.

I wish I had slowed down, rested, dreamed, and planned as I lay in my inner autumn & winter.

Instead, I pushed, rushed, and ignored the calls of my womb.

I wish I had connected and given my bleed back to our mother.

Now, I wish every woman who bleeds listens to her inner season cycles and trusts her inner wisdom.

You can connect more with Sarah's story in the Interview below.

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