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Message In A Bottle

Blog Post: By Joanne Callan Founder Of Changing Cycles Community Interest Company.

I have just returned from the most wonderful Womb Immersion Retreat with Rebecca Wilson which was held in a beautiful Sacred Space called the Dell Of Abernethy in Scotland. and where we were nourish with the most delightful vegan food by Bex from The Mindful Kitchen.

Deep Immersion Retreats are an interesting choice when it comes to spending your Holiday time. They are rarely all pink, fluffy and calm, and are often deep, transformative, healing; none of which comes without feeling, shifting, expanding comfort zones, spiralling and letting go. For me they are a soul and body calling that bring us closer to ourselves and our purpose.

This one was all I needed and all I didn't know I needed. I had the most interesting and synchronistic experience that began before I left. There are a few elements to this story so I hope you enjoy reading this Blog as I share the pieces with you.

I guess like many, before I go away there is usually something that I need to buy, this year following a New Moon inspired clear out and tidy, discovering clothes I hadn't worn in a while and having sorted the underwear basket, I had all I needed and didn't need to buy the usual new knickers or even as much as a tube of toothpaste.

However on the Friday before I left, I had the thought that I would like a new water bottle and in particular a water bottle with a rose quartz crystal, I had an idea that Elysium in Newry had them and decided to call in on the Saturday on my way to the Ferry.

Trusting that if it was meant to be, it would be. Chloe helped me with my choice and I was on the road, delighted that the beautiful energies of Rose Quartz would be with me in the week ahead. My Ferry crossing was perfect and I arrived to stay with a friend for a couple of nights before the Retreat began.

On the Sunday I was bitten by a Horse Fly(Cleg) and was very grateful for my Homeopathy Kit,

I took a general remedy and noticed a slight but not overly helpful change, and by Monday the reaction was in full swing and I was concerned that I might be looking at Cellulitis, before I went into the retreat space I checked it out at a local pharmacy and was reassured that it was just a reaction however precautionary Anti -Biotics and an Anti -Histamine were an option if I wanted to organise that. I decided to hold off and along with using Lavender, Tea Tree Oil topically, I decided to revisit my Homeopathy Remedies and "Belladonna" matched my symptoms, with almost instant relief. I had only a few Belladonna left in my kit and thankfully through the magic that is Homeopathy I knew I could dilute them and so the next morning, I put a pillule in my water bottle and went to our Morning Session. A few of us decided to go swimming and interesting I was bitten again. This time Belladonna was to hand pretty quickly and even though the lighting is different in the photos you can see the difference after just a few mins.

And so my journey with Belladonna was set to continue and I wanted to find out a little bit more about this remedy that was making such a difference. Turns out is was the perfect remedy for me to be working with that week.

The name itself translates from Italian as "Beautiful Woman" and women in medieval times took the toxic (non homeopathic version) to make themselves more beautiful (dilated pupils, flushed cheeks) this practice often had dangerous outcomes making them delirious and it is thought to have been the poison that killed Juliet in Shakesphere's Romeo and Juliet for all of the above reasons Belladonna should never be taken in a herbal or plant form and is only safe in its Homeopathic form.

Alongside this I was using a Metaphysical approach looking at the emotional reasons connected to Insect Bites, the right side of the body, legs etc. They were also bringing awareness and release.

Then on the Thursday, before our final session, I choose and Oracle Card from a deck by Colette Baron Reid and the card chosen was "Message in Bottle" perfect synchronicity and alignment, the perfect message, the bottle was a constant throughout the week and with another couple of bites on the Sunday before I came home it would appear that my journey with Belladonna wasn't quiet over.

As a friend once said me, "I am listening to my body and I need an interpretor" Physical symptoms often have a bigger message and a holistic approach is when we treat practically and then also tune in and hear what our body is telling us. Had I simple treated conventionally as a physical insect bite, perhaps I would have missed the "message in the bottle" What does your body want you to hear?

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