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Womb Blessing

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Over the past few months I have shared Womb Blessing Energy with women on a more regular basis. There are lots of reason that I believe women may be now be ready to experience this energy and the beautiful healing it can bring.

I thought I would share a bit more about what a #MoonMother is and what a Womb Blessing is.

I took my Moon Mother Training in May 2016 and am forever grateful to Yo Soy Gaia and Miranda Gray for the introduction and attunement and to the The Womb Blessing Attunement community across the world and Female Energy Awakening Across Ireland for all that they do.

What is a Moon Mother®?

The Moon Mother® Path

A Moon Mother is a woman who has been called in her heart to help women to awaken to their authentic femininity and to heal the hurt and patterns created by modern life so that all women can live as the empowered, sensual, sexual, creative and spiritual beings that lies within them.

What is a Womb Blessing?

WHY RECEIVE PERSONAL WOMB BLESSINGS®? Regular Personal Womb Blessing attunements are

*a path of deep healing for your female energies and cycle *a powerful and personal path of awakening to your authentic femininity to embrace and express the full power, beauty, love, creativity and sexuality of the woman that lies within you. *a new way of living and empowering your life when combined with the understanding in Red Moon and The Optimized Woman *a monthly sanctuary to restore your energies and become ‘me’ again *a path of female personal development, awakening you to your full potential as a woman *a path of spiritual development, opening your awareness to the Divine Feminine and bringing your natural spirituality into your life

Personal Womb Blessings can also be received as:

*a rite of passage / celebration of first menstruation, validating a girl’s awakening of her cyclic nature and validating this nature as positive and powerful *a rite of passage / celebration for menopause, marriage, becoming a mother, or for divorce, retirement, grief and loss *a celebration of everything it means to be female *a personal and physical prayer – a merging of our female nature with the Divine Feminine

Thank you to all who have shared these spaces with me and to the women who have shared their experiences for you to read here.

"This was a very special treatment for me after a period of recurrent baby loss. It was a lovely ceremony and I certainly credit it for helping me bring my rainbow baby earthside" x L.mcC

"Having benefited from regular Reiki & Having Reflexology sessions with Joanne and taking part in many programs & retreats, receiving a womb blessing felt like a good fit as I navigated the many changes & challenges that this stage of life brings.

(Post-menopausal) This was a powerful & personal experience where I felt safely held in sacred space as emotions & energies that had perhaps been stuck for some time arose & released. I felt lighter & more balanced, physically, emotionally & energetically in the days & weeks following." EMcV

Like many of us I have lived most of my life in a hyper independent masculine way, I came to a stage where I knew I couldn't continue and so reached out to Joanne and booked a Womb Blessing. This was the beginning of a beautiful journey for me. One that I am still walking and with each step discovering something new " JB

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