Breast Care

There is often lots of “Pink Washing” for Breast Cancer Awareness please before you purchase these products check the ingredients and make sure that they don’t contain chemicals that can be part of the problem.

Question 1: Do you regularly check your breasts?

Question 2: Do you have a breast care routine?

Both of these points are important however I am a big believer in prevention is better than cure so

For me the 2nd one is the most important. 💞

I am pretty sure we all know at least one woman that has been through a journey with Breast Cancer and yet when I ask women do they have a breast care plan many look blankly at me.

When we check our breasts we are often approaching it from a fear based place when we care for our breasts we are coming from a love based place. This can really make a huge difference. 💞

A friend shared this as a post a few months ago and it really resonated.(Thank you Lynn)

“I have been asked multiple times to put a ❤️on my wall to raise awareness for breast cancer.