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Healing & Dealing

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

First written & shared on Social Media Sept 11 - 2016

The words of this blog have been rolling round in my head for the past few days so I hope in putting it together I have got it right.

In South Armagh the term "wheeling and dealing" is fairly familiar and it is most certainly one of our stereotypes.

Today I am putting a new spin on it and I am going to talk about "healing & dealing".

In my experience there are two approaches to health & well being; there is "dealing" and then there is "healing".

Each has its place and is important and necessary at different times.

They can often take place alongside each other. Sometimes we can put all our energy into "dealing" that we forget that healing is possible.

By "dealing" I mean managing symptoms, in however we do that; diet, exercise, medication, holistic treatments, etc. I also mean the view that we must "fight illness" whether that illness is categorised as a physical health problem or a mental health problem.

We are in battle, we battle against our body and/ or our mind and that can become exhausting.

What if this illness or disease is our wiser self, communicating with us that something needs to change?

What if we are being encouraged to go deeper to get to the root cause and to heal on a deeper level?

What if we were able to put as much energy into healing as we do into fighting?

What if instead of saying "I will fight this" we said "I will heal this" Could it bring about different results?

We could be fighting forever. So many people do and I really admire their strength and courage.

I also know based on both my own experience and the experience of others, that when we choose to walk the path of healing believing it is possible that things can really change.

When we look at the physical reasons along with emotions, experiences, and beliefs that often lie at the root of health problems and with the support that is right for us are able to work on changing and healing the root cause.

It then becomes possible for the fight, the battle, even the war to be over.

Then we are free to experience true health, happiness, and well-being.

There are many different options and paths that we can take. Often we say “I have tried everything and nothing works”. I am pretty sure there will be something out there that you haven't heard of or experienced. It is rarely one thing on its own that works.

When you choose to heal and see everything as a piece of that journey knowing that true healing is different for us all then you will find the path that is right for you. ❤️🌟

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