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Preparing For Periods

Updated: Mar 10

Here at Changing Cycles and Moon Times we are passionate that Holistic Menstrual Education should begin before a girl experiences her first bleed, our experience has shown us that girls often find the conversation easier the younger they are as it's simply another conversation and the younger they are the less likely they are to have picked up on the taboo that society often has around Menstruation.

In this piece I would like to offer you a bit more information on the books and products that we have available that can support parents/caregivers and girls to journey through menstruation and some other aspects of Puberty.

Our First Period Boxes are priced at £65.00(includes reusable Period Pants), £45.00 and £32.50 and contain a range of products that we have hand picked to support your daughters Menstrual Health Journey.

This beautifully written and illustrated book provides a gentle supportive introduction to menstruation for children as young as 2/3years old it often becomes a favourite bed time story book and is suitable for both boys & girls.

“My 3 & 4 Year Old (boy & girl) follow me everywhere (including the bathroom) and were beginning to ask me questions. I really didn't want to make up some fairytale type story and so I got in touch with Joanne for advice. I could not wait for it to arrive and was super excited to open the parcel. The 3 of us snuggled up on the sofa to read it and they weren't fazed one bit! They simply said "ok" and hopped off the sofa back to their play.

It was so matter-of-fact to them and they just accepted it. They have both since chosen it one or two times as their bedtime story and will occasionally mention my eggs and my bleed. I feel more comfortable and confident in talking to my children about my cycle. I'll tell them when I'm feeling tired, or have sore 'boobies' or when I've loads of energy and start rearranging the furniture in the house! I hope to continue my journey with my children in giving them the facts and information about their bodies and any other topics in a child friendly way.” L.T - Mum & Primary 2 Teacher.

The next book I would recommend for girls is "Making Pink Lemonade" a diary style journey that explores in a humorous and light hearted way the emotional ups and downs of a Pre Teen going through Puberty. I would say ideal age is 9-11/12 year Olds thought early girls will also be able to relate.

Followed by the truly beautiful "Reaching For The Moon" a truly beautiful book written to help girls connect their own inner seasons with the cycles and rhythms within and around them and to explore menstruation in other cultures and times throughout history. It is educational and empowering and emphasis the sacredness of the female body.

We then have the more practical and more physically detailed book of My Period by Milli Hill this does more specifically reference sex and may be for the next stage of the conversation.

Our own Mini Book is also a valuable source of information that includes the answers to questions that girls had for us when we were delivering our Menstrual Education "Preparing For Change" Program in Schools. It is a fantastic addition to any of the above books as it is short, relevant and gives lots of good basic info.

We have also sourced a fabulous book for children with Autism that takes into consideration the experiences of a person with Autism and how they may experience this time in their lives.

Check out some of our other Blogs linked below that also provide lots of helpful information.

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