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Healing Home Remedies

This post was originally written in March 2020.

Last week I was swimming in the sea in Ireland and it was cold. 🥶 Surprise Surprise.

During the week I developed a cough ( I was 100%well except for this tickly cough) and anyone that was with me yesterday will know that by then it was quiet tickly and irritating.

A few people during the week said to me “oh you must have got the cold from swimming at the weekend” which would be a common enough link however the common cold is a virus so I couldn’t have caught it just from swimming.

My own belief system and experience is that this was a bit of a clearing by my body either emotional, physical or energetic.

I often develop a cough after doing Laughter Yoga and so I know it’s not always a sign of sickness. Often our symptoms aren’t; they can be a healing, clearing or a form of communication from our body.

With that in mind, I did some journaling to explore what I needed to get off my chest. I sat on it for a day or two to let it process.

I have like many others increased Vitamin C this week.

Yesterday I also decided to take some Homeopathy. As is often the case with Homeopathy when the remedy is the right match I instantly felt a difference and today I’m pretty much cough free.

I’m not a Homeopath I have learnt how to Home Prescribe for acute symptoms and it has been one of the most empowering and helpful things I have done on my health and well being journey.

This little box contains most of the remedies that you would need in the home for common illnesses, it’s small enough to fit in the smallest of hand bags and it can little be a game changer in terms of looking after your own health and that of your family.

This week I am so grateful to have the knowledge and belief system that supports me to be the healthiest I can be.

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