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Ripple Vs Revels - Eating Psychology

🍫 Many of you will know that I love my mindfully eaten and savoured daily bar of Ripple.

❤️But in 2020 my local shop sold out! What's a girl to do? I had to choose a different bar! ❤️Revels were the ones I chose. ❤️In my training with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and the work that I do with clients in mind, body, nutrition we look at not just what we eat but why we eat what we eat and what wisdom we can discover. ❤️When I was eating Revels, it reminded me of the post I did a while back around how Revels have a lot to teach us. ❤️Perhaps it’s because my brain is in risk mood that I was attracted to them. ❤️They wouldn’t usually be my next choice to Ripple however there is a pattern to how I’m feeling when I do eat them. What food have you been choosing over lately? What’s your favourite type of Chocolate? #FoodWisdom

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