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Supporting Emotional Development in Children.

"With emotionally responsive parenting, vital connections will form in a child’s brain, enabling them to cope well with stress in later life; form fulfilling relationships,; manager anger well; be kind and compassionate; have the will to and motivation to follow their ambitions and dreams; experience the deepest calm and be able to love intimately and in peace”. What Every Parent Needs to Know” Margot Sunderland

Supporting Children’s Emotional Well Being is something that I have been increasingly passionate about since becoming a Relax Kids Coach in 2012.

Since then I have become fascinated by things like Attachment Theory, ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Gentle Parenting, and understand Child Brain Development.

I love the work of Sarah Ockwell Smith, her books are in my opinion a must read for all adults who have children in their lives. Check out her Social Media, her posts are really informative.

Dan Siegel – The Whole Brain Child and the work of The Family Hope Centre are also highly recommended.

Name It To Tame It.

I passionately believe we need to talk to children about Emotions in the same way that we talk to them about colours & numbers when we are teaching them what they are. To do this we need to build our own emotional intelligence and in the words of Fr Brian Darcy – “Things at home weren’t taught they were absorbed” We need to identify the emotions we are feeling ourselves and share them with them.

Tools To Help have a wide range of resources, books, Mp3’s & Poster Downloads for children of all ages to support building emotional language and emotional intelligence which in turn helps children to understand and manage their emotional, mental and physical well being.

Here are some other Free Resources that Relax Kids have created over the past 12months that may be helpful to support your family at this time and also to support the social and emotional learning elements of the school curriculum.

Express yourself activity pack Supporting Children's Mental Health Week:

The Physical Side of Mental & Emotional Well Being

Emotions overflow when our Central Nervous System is over stimulated or overwhelmed in addition to managing the emotional side of thing’s we need to make sure that on a physical level the central nervous. Here are a few simple things that can make a difference from a prevention is easier than cure approach.

Epsom Salt Baths - are a source of Magnesium which is absorbed directly though the blood stream, it is important to have the temperature of the bath water a little bit cooler than normal when adding the Epsom salts and then adjusted if necessary as the Epsom salts can sometimes have a warming effect on the body. (its also beneficial to drink water before and after) This can have a very calming effect on the Central Nervous System.

Probiotics - can support gut health which is very important for Brain development and the production of serotonin which can help us to feel better. The Probiotics I recommend are available on my Website

Reflexology and massage - can help to relax the central nervous system which will help to balance adrenaline & cortisol levels.

Nutrition, Movement and Fresh Air also play a really important role.

Homeopathy – Is my go to recommendation for all families for overall health and well being and I believe it is a really helpful tool to have. My Homeopath is

Nicola Hanlon - The Rejuvenation Suite

For deeper work and to understand the connection between our emotional experiences and physical health

Key Points

Remember you are in this for the long term, as best you can look at the bigger picture.

Be Gentle with yourself, we regularly parent how we were parented which although well intended isn’t always what is best for today’s children. In the past advice given to new parents was rarely based on the understanding of neurological development. Infant & Toddler Sleep is a key area where we now know the advice given out wasn’t helpful or accurate.

“ Now we have a greater understanding of how to help children thrive, things can change for the better, in the family and in society” Margot Sunderland – What Every Parent Needs to Know.

Drop your “have to’s” connect with your Why’s and instead of being filled with adrenaline and cortisol when you connect with your loved based why you will release Endorphins to counteract the stress hormones and there will be a rippled effect.

Consider replacing the idea of Self Care with Self Kindness and to use the clichés, pick your battles, manage expectation’s and look after your own oxygen mask first.

For More Detail or Info:

My online program for parents of children with anxiety can also be accessed through my website. Use the Discount HOLISTICAPPROACH to get 90% off the Course Price. Which brings it down to just £1.20. It goes into a lot of the points above in more detail and you can access it at any time.

Sessions with myself including Parent Consultations can be booked through my website

If you have any question’s please get in touch.

Remember you are doing the best you can and the fact that you are reading this means you are an amazing parent who is doing the best that you can.

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