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I am Human

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

I first wrote this post in 2015 I have shared it many times since. Today it’s as important as ever.

These words were inspired by a conversation I had with a client and indeed with myself and other clients many times before and after writing this.

I believe that modern society has led us to a place where many of us have an expectation that whatever life throws at us we should feel the same. By recognising that as a human being that is virtually impossible and giving ourselves permission to feel what we are feeling we can lessen the burden we are carrying by expecting to feel physically or mentally the same, all of the time.

I know from personal experience when I accepted that it was ok and maybe even understandable to feel the way I was feeling that I was able to put it into context. I wasn't a Robot, I was Human and things affected me. I often caught myself thinking or saying "I just want to feel normal", what if normal is feeling Human and realising that different things will make us feel and act differently? I believe it is.

The next stage was to understand these things, embrace and or deal with them, and that was another stage, all a part of the journey and maybe another poem for another day.

Please remind yourself and those around you that it is ok to be Human.

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