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Reasons to have Reflexology during Pregnancy 🤰

❌To Induce Labour. ❌To Find out the Sex Of Your Baby.

✅ To Relax and get Oxytocin Flowing. ✅To create a sense of well being & balance. ✅To help balance your hormones/endocrine system. ✅To feel supported physically and emotionally. ✅To ease constipation. ✅Reduce UTI’s. ✅Ease Back Pain. ✅To prepare physically & emotionally for Birthing. ✅To potentially reduce likelihood of Post Natal Depression/Post Natal Anxiety. ✅To connect with & bond with your baby. ✅To take some time to rest & be nurtured.

There are many more benefits and yet the two that I mentioned at the beginning ❌ are the ones that get talked about the most. 👣 For me Reflexology is a holistic treatment and therefore by its nature it can only ever support the natural processes of the body. 🤰Supporting Pregnant clients to trust their body, trust their baby and trust nature for he is key to Maternity Reflexology Sessions. ❤️Helping a Woman to understand the factors and amazing processes involved when a she is ready to birth her baby and when her baby is ready to be born. 📚 Providing knowledge on how she can best support and work with her body by helping her to understand the physiology of what happens. ❤️In my experience when a woman is supported in this way the need for the induction conversation rarely happens. ❤️I know it is a commonly held belief that Reflexologist can induce labour I’m not sure where that story came from. 🤷‍♀️ ❤️For me there are many more benefits and reasons to have Reflexology during pregnancy and as Holistic Therapists, we should be focusing on those and trusting that when all is in place we can allow nature to do what it does best. This is a really interesting article on Induction and why it needs to be carefully considered.…/ten-things-i-wish-every-woma…/

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