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When anxiety isn't only caused by your child's thoughts or feelings

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

A lot of the support for children who are anxious is focussed on helping them to manage their anxiety by helping them to understand how the brain processes thoughts & beliefs to create feelings and emotions. I believe this link is really useful for us all to understand and that all children should be taught how this process works. 🧠✅

However our thoughts and feelings aren’t the only thing that can cause anxiety. In a child who doesn’t present with obvious sensory processing issues this can often get overlooked. It is possible and quite common that a child may be experiencing anxiety because on a physical level their central nervous system is continually being over stimulated. 👀👃🏻👅👂👁✋

In very simple terms here is how it works:

The fight, flight, freeze response is the natural physiological response to a threat that is programmed into the most primal part of our brain. It was basically what ensured our survival as a species. So like all things, in moderation, it is a good thing. Our brain relies on our senses to send messages back regarding possible threats to our survival. ⛔️

The things we hear, see, smell, touch and taste are all a part of this process but if any one of our senses is out of balance and not working correctly it can become over stimulated or in some cases it may also be under active. Either way the central nervous system is working overtime. The body is therefore producing increased levels of adrenaline and cortisol causing and the fight, flight, freeze response is continually activated. 🤢😪😰😴

The approach to supporting a child with anxiety should take into consideration both the physical and the emotional reasons why a child might be feeling the way they are. This way we can help them to feel relaxed, calm, confident and able to enjoy every day experiences and to reach their full potential.

❤️My Online Program available on my website may offer more information on this and suggest ways to help to support a child. If you need any info please get in touch

❤️ Wisdom Wishes By Sinead Flanagan is a fantastic book that goes into this in more detail. It can be purchased here

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